Welcome to the Piranha Swim Team

    The Piranha Swim Team


Our team is a satellite program of the Piranha Swim Team based in Palm Springs. We are located in beautiful Loma Linda, California. This website is solely dedicated to its branch in Loma Linda., see our external links for The Piranha in Palm Springs.  We are proud to train swimmers from the novice level to the Olympian. We are dedicated to treating each of our athletes with the fundamental belief that each has "unlimited potential".  No matter if you’re a competitive swimmer, learning how to swim or just want to stay in shape, we have a lane for you.   

Evaluations are on Sundays between 3 to 5 pm. Bring your swim suit and a towel, the evaluation should last no longer than 15 minutes. No reservation is needed. Assessment can also be done over the phone in many cases. Do not hesitate to contact us. Once your swimmer has been assessed, you may begin the registration process.  

Location: The Drayson Center, Loma Linda University  (Map

Parking: Be sure to park next to the soccer field. Please as a courtesy to other members and to the Drayson Center Patrons, do not park in the drop off section by the pool. 

Payment is made at the time of registration and can be made by credit card, check or cash. 

All swimmers participating in the Novice Piranha, Bronze Piranha, Silver Piranha, Gold Piranha must be a USA Swimming registered athlete. The registration fee is paid once a year and has to be paid at the coaches office. The USA Swimming registration is valid from September 1st to August 31st.