Swim-A-Thon 2017

 It’s that time of year again! Our Piranha Swim Team Swim-A-Thon will be here at the Drayson Center on May 17th, 2017!


Find all the Details of our Swim-A-Thon here

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*Swim-O-Thons are done across the nation on almost every swim team throughout various times of the year as a fun challenge and fundraiser! The goal of the Swim-O-Thon is to see how many lengths can be completed during one hour. Each swimmer will need a “counter”- someone who can sit at the end of the lane and tally up the number of lengths their swimmer has completed.


*Fundraising is not required but is very much appreciated, as it is a traditional part of Swim-O-Thons and an integral part of allowing PST to purchase equipment and other items for the betterment of our team. This year we want to raise more funds than ever! Swimmers can ask each prospective donor whether they would like to give a straight donation (write a check/cash/online payment for any given amount) or donate via pledge per length. Pledging per length means that if the swimmer completes fifty lengths in one hour and the donor chooses to give ten cents per length for that swimmer, the total donation would add up to five dollars. If this option is chosen, the donor would pledge their chosen amount before the Swim-O-Thon, and the donation would be collected by the swimmer after the Swim-O-Thon.


*The money raised from donations will be used for numerous items including but not limited to: dryland materials such as hurdles, stretch cords, medicine balls, vasa trainers and pull-up bars, pool equipment like pull buoys, kick boards, fins and snorkles, and finally, supportive funding for our swimmers that travel to national meets (Junior Nationals, Nationals, US Open and Olympic Trials.


*Making the donation: please have all donation checks made out to “Piranha Swim Team”. Cash is also accepted, as well as online donations. The link to donate online can be found on thepiranha.org under the "Swim-A-Thon 2017" --> "Donate Now" tab. From there the donor can make their donation and indicate the swimmer they are supporting.