Membership Fees

Membership Fees Winter 2018-2019

Group Monthly Membership Once a year ad on fee

Sunshine  2 x week*


under construction


Sunshine 4 x week*


under construction



$ 97 / session

$ 85 due October 15

Bronze Development (formerly Advanced Novice)* $ 112 / session $85 due October 15


$ 123 / session

$ 85 due October 15th


$ 155 / month

$ 85 due October 15th


$ 155 / month

$ 85 due October 15th



See discounts offered

All  programs are year 'round. The schedule is subject to change throughout the year and especially during the summer months. 


The ad-on fee covers USA Swimming Registration ($85 per year) and swimmers will also receive a tshirt. The ad-on fee has to be paid before October 1st or upon registration for swimmers joining the team after October 1st. Swimmers that are on National School Lunch Program will receive a reimbursement of 25% upon presentation of official document from the school district. All the membership fees have to be paid by the 7th of each month.