Meet Calendar

On this calendar, you can see next to each swim meet the groups that are likely to participate at this event. The entry deadline is always the Monday 12 days prior to the meet. 

Date Event Group Meet Info Sign-up  Pay Here
Sept. 18th Racing Night Series 1 All Dual at GTHS


Team Ranking

Sept. 23rd SCS Senior Series Gold Tri-Meet  Swimmer's events
Sept. 25th Racing Night Series 1 All Dual at GTHS Results
Sept. 26th Parents Meeting All GTHS
Oct. 7th Piranha Swim-O-Thon All  GTHS 3pm
Oct.7th SCS Senior Series Gold Tri-Meet
Oct.12-14th Boo/Red/White All @ Fontana Sign-Up Pay Here Swimmer's Events



Timing Assignment

Oct. 21st SCS Senior Series Gold Tri-Meet Swimmers Events
Nov.1st-4th Kevyn Perry Invitational Gold @LaMirada Swimmers Events
Nov. 16-18th Thanks Giving meet All @Palm Springs Sign-up
Nov.18th SCS Senior Series Championship Gold
Nov.30-Dec.2nd WAG's Last Ditch Blue/Red @Mesa
Dec. 7th-9th WAG at Palm Springs WAG qualifiers @Palm Springs
Dec. 15th Desert Storm Red/White @Victorville



In general, swimmers do not attend more than one swim meet per month. If the your child's group appears to be scheduled for more than once, you will need to talk to your coach and find out which meet is the most appropriate for your child.