Billing Policy

In September, all families will be asked to register or re-register with the Piranha swim team and USA Swimming. The $64.00 per swimmer for the USA Swimming registration fee is included in the once a year Annual ad-on fee. For 2017-2018, that fee is $85. On top of USA Swimming registration, swimmers will receive the new T-shirt. 

The Piranha Swim Team in Loma Linda dues structure offers monthly payments with the membership office at Drayson. All payments are due before the 1st of the month. A swimmer that has not paid his dues before the 1st of the month will not have access to the Drayson Center until the monthly fees have been paid. The registration desk at Drayson is open between 8 am and 6 pm from Sunday to Thursday and between 8 am and 2 pm on Fridays.    

Families are responsible for monthly dues regardless of swimming time within a said month. Dues will not be prorated, credited or reimbursed for any reason. 

Family discount: 1st child pays full amount, 2nd child gets 15% discount, 3rd child and subsequent child gets 25%.

Scholarship: We offer 25% discount to children that are on the National School Lunch Program. Scholarship do not apply on top of family discount. 

ATHLETE TRAVEL EXPENSES are due upon receipt. We try to provide travel expenses prior to traveling, but it is increasingly difficult to project exactly what the actual expenses incurred will be prior to departure. Once the travel is completed, the family will receive an exact bill and the discrepancy will either be reimbursed or bill to the family.  

MEET ENTRY FEES:  Team entries are submitted to the host team the Wednesday of the week prior to the swim meet. In order for your child to be entered, we must receive the payment 14 days prior to the swim meet. Once the entries are sent, there will be no reimbursement possible. You can enter to a swim meet using this website or by bringing your payment to our office.

If you have any questions regarding the billing policy or your account balance, the billing department can be reached by phone:  909-647-6310 or email:   Please indicate Billing in the subject box.